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Primary Locums’ GPs and Nurses rise to poetry challenge

Knowing that many of our dedicated GPs and Nurses often have talents that might not be obvious, we set them a challenge to come up with a poem relating to the roles as locums and bank nurses, we have had some wonderful poems that we will share on our facebook page and website. Here is the first ‘Locum Jingle’

Jingle Bells

Patients swell

Asking for a chair.

Jimmy’s cough

Has gotten gruff

And his mum

Wants miracle cure.


John fell down

His knee is brown

Desperate for the morph.

Shingles wifie

Sat next to Alfie

Who’s looking rather ‘grossed’!


Dashing through the hall

Cos the call in’s on the blink

Over the day we go

Curing well and sick


Barbara nurse is proud

With flu vaccs up to speed

All we need is piping tea

And a choccie Bourbon cream!




Locum life

Locum life

Laughing as we go

Oh what fun it is to work

After Hammond’s dealt the blow


Locum life

Locum life

We work hard for our fees

Oh what a day when things go well

Thanks to Louise and the team!!

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